09 Feb 2019

I just checked your instructions. Firefox window is visible for a split second then the command. Comment on this change optional. Not even the slightest hint or some lines that they are sorry for the inconvenience and working on the problem. Anyway, I just wanted to add something that has been discussed elsewhere https: At present I work with stefan xxxx: I suppose that the firefox browser is a 32 bit programm and can not run on 64bit ubuntu

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Driver for KOBIL Systems KOBIL mIDentity 4smart display – downloading and installing it

I now have to dual boot my machine miventity Ubuntu Hi, I have the same problem on Midentty Therefore, I give this bank the month of June to fix it or I am out of this mess!! I did not find this text-file in my system: Anyway, I just wanted to add something that has been discussed elsewhere https: Only b worked for me due to issues with x window system version incompatibility.

It may be that your M-IDentity stick is mounted, but you don’t see the icon on the desktop. SafeBoot for USB Phantom works without drivers, but does not offer the security level provided through a smart card.


In particular, the governments as well as the banking and insurance world see the smart card technology as the ultimate form of security since the encryption keys are stored in the smart card chip.

Save the file as local. I just checked your instructions. I did not run the 32bit libraries, as my system is 32bit Mint At present I work with stefan xxxx: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Setup your instance and choose ‘usb’ to add the usb-filter 6.

At your Own Pace!.

I did open and safe the folder just after the crash, which is indeed tricky as it autodeletes. Start the virtual-box instance und activate the usb-stick as konfigured above.

Install virtualbox also availabe directly from the virtual-box site 3. They worked just fine. Hi timi Thanks a lot for the instructions.

There used to be a program run by udev to switch it to read-write I kkbilbut it has been removed from libccid: These evaluations concluded that mIDentity Basic is one of the most secure product of its type available on the market. Therefore, as already explained in another post, I have created a specific udev rule that matches the Kobil M-Identity stick and set the correct permissions for this device only.


Read the final note of my instructions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Sometimes smart is not smart enough: Markus mar-ayg wrote on SafeBoot’s centralised management capabilities provide organisations with operational efficiency and ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Download and install KOBIL Systems KOBIL mIDentity 4smart display – driver id

I tried this hack as indicated on the website of the bank http: Stick is mounted correctly. I just had the same problem all over again with Maverick The latter has always been there since the problem arose at least For more information, visit www. SafeBoot is the vendor-of-choice for leading global organizations and provides them with powerful encryption and strong access control technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems. This used to work in Karmic.

I’ve tried to get it back from an old package version.