09 Feb 2019

Any more new firmware can solve the issue? Thank you master sifu. Hi anime, i have this exact model. Anyone can help on this? I need help suddenly can’t create multiple SSID?? May 27 , Oct 27 ,

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I have no idea how to fill this fields.

Thanks for the guide Anime Btw sometimes 4 devices at my house could be connected to the internet but commonly about 2 to 3.

Jun 22 Somewhere in the backbone Eray 2 6 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Mar 28 Leaving this here so no one has to suffer with the issue of flashing the same moedm again and again and not knowing what to do QUOTE ngkhanmein Jun 11 Oct 12 I upgraded a few days a go now my housemate complaining about poor internet connection. Actually I want to give all of the available bandwidth to uTorrent.


Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. We have a different revision of firmware for the modem.

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Run quick start wizard 3. Nov 7 Good news for DBWL user!

Anime if we use the tp-link firmware there’s no option to disable the wireless backdoor?? I must set manually for each device.

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Look at all my stars!! Aug 14 And true, but the internet does help.

Then i tried with ras fileit successfully upload then i did factory reset by pressing the reset button which is the tiny hole behind the modem hope this is correct. Sound like it would work fine though.

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This post has been edited by CyrusWong: I deleted PVC 1 till 7 as per 2nd image but still doesnt work: Jun 5 D I just found this trick. Feb 10 So now i’m downgrading back to ras file.


My modem locate at living hall, and my room is way far from diaweb. Do u all still using the riger? Aug 2 I’m afraid of breaking my only modem. Aug 12 ,