26 Feb 2019

Either one too many are active, or not enough. Now you have to install the bcm43xx-fwcutter package Now you want to get the driver. So I was pulling my hair for a bit on this. Take a look at the Asus compatibility list here: Power on the wireless card through the physical switch.

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Is this working, or should I NOT do this?

BCM94311MCAG HP WiFi PCI Express MiniCard 802.11b/g Broadcom 4311bg US Canada Wi

assu Broadcom Corporation BCM What could be the cause of this? But the weird thing is that when I run wifi-menu it only finds my neighbors wifi even when I sit right next to my router.

Now you have to install the bcm43xx-fwcutter package. But I prefer Ubuntu. Want to add to the discussion?

Ik hoop werkelijk dat dit werkt. Wish you a nice day.

It just blinks very short when I move the switch on the side of my notebook. Hi Mark, That did not work either. Thank you so much stenlikobra1: Hi people, I’ve got a solution of this problem.


Asus F5R laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Mass Wi–fi Device Bus Device D Hope this help. Wait a few seconds and you should see the indicator light on the notebook register as “on”.

Mark, is ir possible to create an update of some sort for this problem? Hi, When I want to connect to my network, it fails for some reason. I wonder how I can do this? I’m pretty sure this is a new thing. I will not qsus into this. Please set this thread to status “solved” if all your questions have been answered. Take a look at the Asus compatibility list here: So, run Terminal and paste this command: What about my question about the PCI bridge?

BCMMCAG HP WiFi PCI Express MiniCard b/g Broadcom bg US Canada Wi | eBay

Hi Rob, So what happens when you click on the wireless network called “wifi”? Submit a new text post. If I had to choose again, I would go with a Dell laptop, as I am currently using it at home and it works with all Linux flavors and everything works out of the box without tinkering. Are there any modules that need to be added again?


Ik dacht al aan een Dell. Thank you very much my friends It’s an Asus F5R.

Weird wifi problem : archlinux

I can get wifi to work off a dongle too. I am gonna use kernel 2. Thank you very much for you info Stenlikobra1 Mark, is ir possible to create an update of some sort for this problem? I cannot close wi-ti thread for you, as I do not have the access rights to do so.

I never have to manually install any drivers.