09 Feb 2019

If Firestone said that none of their tires were compatible on Ford vehicles any longer, would you ask the company that makes your brakes to fix it? The Preview worked fine for this, although it had trouble re-building catalogs from CD-R backup sets. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That is up to Adaptec. Further to my previous post, I am also doing a hard disk to hard disk back up right now under os X.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. However, after using Drive Setup 1. If so, how did it work with them? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s simple concept. We apologize for the delay and any problems it may have created.

No one has posted any message on this forum that says they have a problem backing up a hard drive connected to a U2B using a back up device that is connected by other means and is otherwise known to be supported and working. This is consistent with the unsupported hardware list on dant’z web site. I was already aware of the information on Adaptec’s site.


So, my conclusion is that the issue is with Dantz not Apple or Adaptec.

Apple Ultra2 SCSI Card Firmware free download for Mac | MacUpdate

This may shed some light: Posted April 12, It does work with Retro 5. Well, it appears I may have stumped the forum with this one in max, earlier, post. The card works and is supported under OS X. If Adaptec is not making their own card compatible, how could the software possibly overcome that limitation? I thought I would post a final solution for any that might encounter similar issues.

Apple is looking into this issue right now. Because the card is not supported, nothing connected to the card will be supported. It just seems maf have resolved itself after I upgraded the memory to the maximum. It is Apple’s responsiblity.

[ used ]Adaptec AHA-2940U2B MAC Mac exclusive use Ultra2 SCSI card

In fact, it worked so well that after 2940i2b a PC formated drive it would auto-mount and read with no problem. Please check back for details. I would really like an answer to my question, however. With the PCI card listed above connected to only one drive with no terminator capability and an active terminator on the last connector of that cable how does the “TERM PWR” jumper on the drive figure into this?


It just wrote out a DVD project. Under OS X I get kernel panic when it starts writing.

I just want to know if Retrospect 5 can backup and restore hard drives connected to this card–which is a very different question.

It appears that there are serious problems writing or reading to tape drives connected to the OEM U2B. Posted April 10, Thanks to all that responded to this original macc.

Apple Adaptec SCSI 68pin SE PCI Card Aha-2940u2b-mac

The hard drive is connected to an unsupported card. Register a new account. Reply Helpful Thread ,ac – more options Link to this Post. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Dec 29, As for the auto-mount issue.

My feeling is that Dantz did not finish the drivers for this card under OS Xin the release of 5.