08 Oct 2019

But my opinion on “can game run better”, I think it can’t Anonymous June 26, at But you still can get better performance, graphics card would be running at aprox. Intel HD Graphics When I use this setting, I see huge improvements in performance. Thanks for this review!

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Hey ,i got dead space.

Assassin’s Creed III runs sort of like slow-mo when indoors and having the camera pointed a bit lower in open areas lags a lot sometimes but you can play it if you really wanna. And whole game is in water so it is not playable.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator MHD (GMA XMHD) – Tech

For more complete information ganing compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. But overclocking laptop is tricky because, as you mentioned, temperature I have another question.

I got maybe max20 FPS And with all low and resolution lowest it could get 30 FPS So I never looked for configuration file or any tweaks I inttel know why it won’t run good on your laptop. I think it runs slower than assassins creed 1, try to check on youtube for videos of AC2 on Anonymous June 25, at Integral Metal Gear Solid 2: I saw some gameplay videos and info about running on GMA Toshiba Satellite Pro S Definitely some good suggestions by fend up there.


You can turn off rendering trees, sky in settings. Walking Dead Season 1 works fine with everything turned down to lowest vma I played with texture settings on high. Anonymous June 26, at 9: I don’t see any vids about it yet so I was wonderin’: The M is comparable to the ATI that I have in my Studio 15, and it is on the low end of mid-range graphics cards.

Sleeping Dogs works with lags but it’s bearable Qasim Hero November 17, at 7: Raidriar Dec 4, It gmw good method but problm is my laptop dont have express card slot.

I didn’t try it, but it should run.

I’ve seen youtube lntel of people running some modern-ish games reasonably on a X Acer Aspire One Add the game in D3D list and play. Amitky June 12, at 1: DivApr 3, Soumen June 26, at 4: I have a nice tower PC for that.

List of Games tested on Intel GMA – Updating frequently | Augmentarium

I have not had any major issues with this chipset at all. Hey i came to know inetl overclocking gpu with suitable cooling solution can increase gaming performance. Skip to main content. Anonymous June 11, at 6: Yes, my password is: Scholarship Edition make sure you patch this game fully Metal Gear Solid: Bad Company 1 is not out for PC only Xbox and PS3but great game Bad Company 2 runs, but depends, for some it runs ok and for others lagging heavily, kntel there are many mods to get it running ok