11 Feb 2019

Well, we have resolved it This configuration will likely encounter problems with oplocks. Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. To disable OpLocks on your file server: No thanks Submit review. Any program that can benifit from data storage can benifit from this plugin. It is not a robust and reliable protocol.

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These guarantees inform the client that the file server will not allow another client to change the content of the file, or if some change is imminent, the client will be notified before the change is allowed to proceed. BDESettingsRecommendations. Proper Shut-Down Standard Some users get used to the idea of just turning off a computer at the end of the day without properly shutting down.

Share a thought or comment Consider a share with oplocks enabled, over a wide-area network, to a client on a South Pacific atoll, on a high-availability server, serving a mission-critical multiuser corporate database during a tropical storm. Close ; Executing of cmd.

Reliability decreases as each successive rule above is not enforced. Databases add incredible functionality to any program.


Ways of Opening Paradox Files (.db)

A best practice is a practice which is most appropriate under the circumstances. OpLocks and Data Corruption – http: First connect to a variety of different database with ODBC connection strings provided by the plugin. This issue applies to Microsoft Windows NT 4. This note also applies if you are using a file server and occassionally access the Paradox tables using a BDE application installed on the file server. We’ve only included practices where the benefit out ways any disadvantage and we skipped over setup procedures such as setting the NetDir although we do offer a few NetDir suggestions.

Articles by Mike Prestwood. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1, articles. If you are a member, Sign In. Parradox see your solution is managing your code to use. Most consider the default of C: So here is yet more on OpLocks, including links to “sources”.

Borland DataBase Engine (BDE) – Download

Using sample Paradox file from samples: Comment 3 of 3 I need use paradox. Where I dbe to send it? Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Posted 10 years ago. To disable OpLocks on your file server: And write local SQL against all these datasets!


parallel access to paradox via BDE and ODBC

If one system has the database mapped to drive “N”, then every computer with access to that database must also have it mapped to drive “N”. You can just post the code here like you did before.

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I suppose that the connection paradx is ok, because if all BDE using applications are closed, it works fine. Whether or not the BDE files are stored on the network or on each workstation, the BDE runs on each workstation so these best practices are also workstation best practices.

We need to access paradox tables from old Delphi aplications through BDE 5. Install now to protect your privacy.