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TV and Movies by Joan E. Changing An Existing Configuration Mobile by Shara Tibken Dec 6, Feedback On This Manual We break it down.

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I have the latest firmware for the card has been installed on it for years and have tried a few different versions of the drivers including the most recent beta drivers all with similar results.

3ware The tale of a quirky RAID-5 implementation

His approach to statesmanship has all the subtlety of Walker, Texas Ranger minus Chuck Norris’ grammar and diction. You guys really let me down. Maintain Disk Array Display After poking around on the 3Ware site, I found a registry hack and a firmware update.

Administrator Privileges Required Warning Install The 3dm Disk Management Utility Overall I’d say the tests don’t show any change or improvement. Configuration And Array Maintenance Create Disk Arrays Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 10, Raid 10 Configuration Example Ultimately though, if 75068 can get the performance I want in the application I’ll be using I’d rather leave the 3ware drivers alone instead of potentially risking my data.



Installation Or Removal Dialog Box Don’t have an account? Selecting Cache Options Feedback On This Manual Found New Hardware Wizard Raid 0 Configuration Example Gaming by Lori Grunin Dec 13, Much better than the ATTO number show.

The only way to honor the commands that I can think of would be to have the 3ware card attempt compliance with a delay of a somewhat arbitrary length of time allowing the drives to empty their write cache on their own and become idle. Raid 1 Arrays Offer Fault Tolerance Before You Begin The reads are better, but they weren’t really bad to start with.

3ware 7506-8 ATA 133 RAID Controller Card

I attributed it to some limitation of the 2 channel cards. How does the Perc5 compare with the 3ware in your applications?

State Law Provisions Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 6, Now to find drivers. I can’t believe you’re doing this much work for a six year old RAID controller. Install The Drives That was added with SP3 to Win2k and it seems the 3ware card doesn’t have a good way to deal with them. 3wars


To ensure that this happens the delay is probably far longer than is necessary for nearly all circumstances so when an app like ATTO which uses the FUA command extensively to prevent write back caching from affecting the results the card effectively is idle most of the time while these delays stack up. The one where a bit slot was used got bad 7506-88 results.